The largest of all the Latin American countries, Brazil covers nearly half the entire continent of South America. The Amazon River, running across the entire width of Brazil, is the world's largest river in terms of volume. As it thunders towards the Atlantic Ocean, the Amazon passes through the largest rainforest in the world, many tracts of which are still unexplored and home to the greatest number of biological organisms on earth. Further south are the Iguazu falls, the most voluminous waterfalls in the world. Lying on the borders of Brazil and Argentina, the colossal cascades are perhaps the most amazing site on the continent.
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Fascinating Brazil
Crocodiles, parrots, sand dunes and lakes


Quick Itinerary

Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal - Bonito - Manaus

Day 1. Rio de Janeiro

Arrival at the airport Rio de Janeiro. Meeting at the airport with English speaking guide. Transfer to the hotel. Free day at leisure.

Day 2. Rio de Janeiro

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion to the Sugar Loaf and the historical center of Rio with a guide (6 hours). You will meet your guide and transfer to Praia Vermelha (Red Beach), where the cable car climb up to Urca mountain begins. The first stop is on the mountain Urca, which will show you a wide view of the area. On the Sugar Loaf mountain there is a small area, allowing for a beautiful view of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leme, the Guanabara bay, the famous bridge of Niteroi and the statue of Christ on the Corcovado mountain. Afterwards we go to the historic center of Rio, where you will admire the ancient churches, monasteries and houses built in the colonial style. You will also see the main attractions of Rio - Maracana stadium, sambˇdromo, which hosts the annual Carnival, San Sebastian Cathedral and the Municipal Theater. After that we will go to the Corvovado mountain. Here you will go on a small train through the tropical forests, and from there a few minutes' walk to the foot of the impressive Christ the Redeemer. The height of the statue is 30 meters, not counting the seven-meter pedestal. Enjoy the stunning views of Rio de Janeiro. After, return trip to the hotel with your guide.

Day 3. Rio de Janeiro - Pantanal

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport for the flight to Campo Grande. Arrival and transfer to the hotel in Pantanal. Pantanal is located in the central part of South America. This is a unique nature reserve in Brazil. The diversity of plants and animals is extremely high where lakes and rivers with crystal clear waters are home to rare species of birds and animals. Pantanal is a great place for nature lovers, photographers and for those who are tired of the modern urban life rhythm. You will be able to calm down, relax, watch the birds and butterflies, while listening to the sounds of nature.

Day 4. Pantanal

After lunch we ride on horseback through the valleys to the Pantanal. During the ride you will see birds and animals, as well as crocodiles that live in rivers, along the road. At the farm you will enjoy a delicious meal. In the evening you will return to your hotel.
Depending on weather conditions you can order other programs for that day such as: Fishing for piranhas in waist-deep water with your guide. Lunch and dinner at the hotel. In the evening possible canoeing option.

Day 5. Pantanal - Bonito

Breakfast. Today we go to the heart of this untouched natural wonder, Otpravlenie. At 7:00 am we will go to the mountain range of Serra de Bodokuena. After going 5.5 kilometers through the jungle, we will arrive to the 12 waterfalls (the highest waterfalls in the south of Mato Grosso -Boka yes Onka - 156 m). We will have the opportunity to swim in the waterfalls, and the wall of the water where you can see the hidden caves with stalactites. After dinner you can relax in a hammock or swim in the open air pools. After lunch, continue our transfer to Bonito. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 6. Bonito

Bonito, one of the most popular eco-tourism areas in Brazil. Bonito is a unique place, where century-old forests coexist with stalactite and stalagmite caves, beautiful waterfalls and exotic fish in the clear waters of the rivers. In the morning, after breakfast, we will visit the Blue Grotto Lake Cave, producing a lasting impression thanks to its geological water structure and sky-blue colour. The cave attracted the attention of both tourists and researchers from around the world. The sun's rays penetrate through the water, creating a spectacular sight. Grotto is one of the largest flooded caves in the world. In 1992, an expedition of Brazilian paleontologists discovered the fossilized remains of mammals, buried at the bottom of the cave - a prehistoric giant sloth and a saber-toothed tiger.
After lunch we will start our snorkeling trip along the crystal clear water of the river Rio da Prata. We can dive into the water and see the amazing underwater flora and fauna. The journey begins in the reserve, where our route passes through the trail along the Rio da Prata. We will visit the source of the Olho d'Agua, where we start rafting on the river. Equipment and mask for diving will be given when visiting the reserve. Overnight at Hotel Bonito.

Day 7. Bonito - Manaus

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the flight to Manaus. Arrival in Manaus and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and evening tour by canoe looking for alligators. (All excursions at Amazon - are in groups with an English speaking guide).

Day 8. Manaus

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion boat on the waters of the Amazon River. Piranha fishing from the bait of the boat. A visit to the Indian village, where you will get acquainted with the life, customs and traditions of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Walk around the neighborhood of the village in the jungle, and get familiar with the local flora and fauna. During the tour, the guide accompanying you, will teach you the lessons of survival in the jungle, to learn to distinguish edible from poisonous plants and he will teach you to shoot poisonous arrows.

Day 9. Manaus - San Luis

Transfer to the airport for the flight to San Luis. Transfer to your hotel. Free time.
San Luis is an old beautiful city on the shores of the ocean. Not far from San Luis is a region recorded with the cleanest air on the planet, Lençóis Maranenses. The city is surrounded by mountains, so the climate here is very favorable, characterized by the incredible purity of the air and oxygen saturation. The historic center is a type of open-air museum with numerous architectural elements and details of where the cobbled stone streets turn into narrow alleys. One of the most beautiful examples of French architecture of the XVII century is the Palace of the Lions, ornate columns, porticos and stucco. Stairs leading to the palace, guarded by sculpted lions. San Luis is known as the capital of reggae in Brazil. . Among the attractions of modern San Luis is a museum, the church, built in the XVII century and operating to this day, the markets, the original cuisine based on rice, but also a lot of great beaches. Here you can enjoy windsurfing, diving, fishing or just relax. Accommodation in San Luis.

Day 10. San Louis - Barreirinhas

In the morning at 07:00 you will be picked up for a 4 hour drive to Bareirinhas. Barreirinhas is a very quiet and beautiful town, located on the banks of the river Pregisas. National Park Lençóis Maranenses located immediately outside the city is a miracle of nature with amazing sand dunes. From March to September blue lakes are formed around the dunes.
At 14:00 a jeep will take you to Lençóis, for a walk through the Blue Lake and swim in the lakes. We stay up late at night to see the amazing sunset in the dunes. In the evening we return to the Barreirinhas, where you can swim in the hotel pool, or take a walk through the quiet streets of the city.

Day 11. Barreirinhas - Atins

Breakfast in the hotel. At 8:30 will we go by motor boat on the Preguika river. The first stop will be in Vasourase, which is called the small Lençóis. Here you can visit the fishing village and climb 160 steps to the lighthouse of Preguika, which offers a wonderful view of the dunes, river, ocean and dense vegetation. Next, we go to the village of Atins. Arrival and accommodation in a guest house. Free time at leisure.

Day 12. San Luis

In the morning enjoy a trip to the lagoon of Atins. On the way back, stop for lunch at a restaurant where you will taste delicious shrimp. After lunch we return to the guest house and a motor boat off in Barreirinhas. Arrival at 16: 15 at the hotel in San Luis.

Day 13. San Luis

Transfer to the airport for your flight home.

End of our services.
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  • Accommodation in hotels
  • Excursions and transfers according to the program

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  • Additional tour
  • Local and international flights